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Anonymous: Why are you so angry about JLaw's nudes being leaked? I thought you didn't like her.


  • i am angry because this is just another example of women being shamed for taking nudes instead of the douchebag who spreads them being shamed for violating someone’s privacy like that
  • i am angry because nobody deserves this, regardless of how i feel about their personality
  • i am angry because this is pure misogyny and shows how women aren’t respected in our culture
  • i am angry because she did not consent to having those pics posted everywhere but they still were
  • i am angry because on the VERY RARE occasion this happens to a male celeb he is not shamed but rather the perpetrator is and it’s forgotten quickly whereas this will haunt jennifer for years and years to come
  • i am angry because this was a sex crime and people are treating it like a joke
  • i am angry because she is being exploited/objectified and some gross dudebros are probably jacking off to those pics 
  • i am angry because people are CONGRATULATING the fucker who did such an atrocious thing to her instead of being appalled 

listen i may not like her personally but the fact remains that as a human being she is entitled to body autonomy and to choose who sees her naked body and who doesn’t 

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❝ Without pain, we wouldn’t know what joy is

August 30, 2014 - Kim Kardashian & North West at LAX Airport.
❝ I used to think you were too good for me. Turns out, I can do better.

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2014 is for moving on and recognizing your own value.

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❝ But my heart aches. I love you continuously, intensely.

Albert Camus

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